Frequently asked questions

What is Twindocs?

Twindocs is an online service to receive and file your important documents. It allows you to store and manage any type of document uploaded by you or received from any other user or sender in Twindocs.

What can I do with my Twindocs account?

Your Twindocs account allows you to:

Which document types and formats can I file in Twindocs?

Any type of document!

How do I staple documents?

Select the documents you want to staple and move them to the stapler. Then, staple them et voil´┐Ż! Your documents are stapled. You will see that a paperclip appears in a corner of every stapled document thumbnail.

How can I send documents?

Select any document you want to send and tell Twindocs to send it. Set the recipients of your document, any text you want them to see, and there you go! Once the recipients accept your documents, they will be transfered to their account.

How can I send multiple documents at the same time?

First, staple them. Once you are done, send one of the stapled documents, checking the "Send stapled documents" option. Recipients will receive all the stapled documents in their account.

How do can I create an account?

Just access and enter your full name, email and password. Follow the instructions to finish the signup process and get your free Twindocs account. Enjoy! Not signing up from but from Twindocs mobile or Twindocs tools? Just follow the instructions in our apps and you will find your way. We want you in!

Can I access Twindocs from my mobile device?

Sure you can. You can get Twindocs for your mobile device and access your documents on the go. Twindocs app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Not an iOS neither Android user? No hassle: access our mobile web app from any device.

Get more info in our mobile apps section.

Is there a desktop version available?

You can get Twindocs tools for your computer. By installing Twindocs tools you get a desktop application that helps you with massive file uploads as well as a virtual printer with which you can print anything directly to your Twindocs account in PDF format.

Get more info in our tools section.

How can I create new documents?

You can creat new documents by dropping files into your Twindocs account. In our web application drag & drop is available for most browsers, and upload option is present in all of them.

From Twindocs mobile apps you can upload any file in your device and, if you use Twindocs tools in your desktop computer, please enjoy its smooth and refreshing drag and drop experience!

How can I print anything into my account?

After installing Twindocs tools, when printing anything in your computer, just select "Twindocs" as the target printer. The document will be printed as PDF and stored in your account.

Will I receive undesired documents in my account?

Absolutely not. When somebody sends a document to your Twindocs account for the first time, you are prompted to allow that person or company to send you documents. If it's an unknown sender or you are suspicios about it, you can reject the document, or just ignore it. Only desired stuff will get into your account.

How can I share folders?

Just select the folder you want to share tell the application to share it. Enter the emails of the people you want to share the folder with, and you are done. They will get a notification email and, once they accept it, your folder will be shown in their account and they will see its contents. It is that simple.

How many documents can I upload?

With our free account you can upload up to 5 documents per month.

How much storage do I have?

You get 1GB storage with our free account. But you can upgrade and get more space at any time!

How can I remove upload and storage limitations?

If you want to file more documents or need more storage, just select the "Go premium" option in our application and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

What does "Personal" mean?

When you add documents to your account, they are marked as "Personal". That means that those documents come from you. When you receive documents from other person or company, sender's name will be displayed instead of Personal. See your contract in your Twindocs folder; it is send to you by us, and that is what it states: "Twindocs" instead of "Personal".

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