Twindocs tools: Desktop uploader and much more

Twindocs tools will make your life easier and more productive when dealing with receiving and filing digital documents. It is a Productivity App to upload documents to your personal box just by moving them to your Twindocs tools window.

It includes:

Twindocs virtual printer will make you ink, paper, wire, space and time free. And it is eco-friendly! Can be used from any device even without any printer attached. Twindocs printer will file any document printed from your digital device.

Twindocs tools sends your documents to your personal box in different ways:

Like a printer, just print without paper

Select Twindocs Virtual Printer from any application on the "Print" dialog option. You can also select Twindocs Virtual Printer as your predetermined printer from your Control Panel. Any document to be printed with Twindocs Virtual Printer, will be files in your Personal Twindocs box in PDF format.

Remider: Virtual printing settings (paper size, orientation, etc..) might be modified with the "Preferences" button you can find in "Print" system window.

"Send to" being funny

Send to Twindocs will appear when you right click on a file in Windows Explorer or in the print dialog of any Windows application. Support for Mac is coming soon.

Drag And Drop

Drag and drop any file into Twindocs tools file drop area. It will be immediately saved in your personal Twindocs box.

Download Twindocs tools for your computer

Download PC